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I was introduced to Hypnotherapy by Sam at Lunar Hypnosis. I saw results after my first session and even more results in additional sessions. I didn't have any expectations , only willingness to try something new. I'm truly surprised and grateful for the results Sam's hypnotherapy has provided me.

In addition to providing excellent service Sam is very professional. I recommend anyone interested in Hypnotherapy talk to Sam and see what he can do for you.

Sam is a great professional. You won't regret having the sessions with him. at first after the session I was extremely relaxed and after a few days started dreaming and getting positive answers from the sessions. This service is a life changer. You will change your life by trying this out. Imagine when you were a child and someone told you something doesn't belong to you. You will visit that place and you will see it with different eyes. I guarantee you. You will love it...

-Dylan M.


I have had the pleasure of working with Sam Nast for about 3 months. In that time I have completely changed my outlook and mindset. Sam's has a gift in helping you identify the root cause of some of life's biggest challenges. He is excellent at giving solution oriented advice. Which for me has been nothing less than life changing. I HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone and everyone who needs to create permanent change in their life.

-Joel M.

I find myself So Thankful for having found Sam. I truly believe I am heading to where I am destined to be. Thanks again Sam, I appreciate the sessions we have.

-Juan C.M.

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